A Virtual Artist



A series of lenticular images, part of a wider exhibition of holographic works in the Special Collections Gallery by artist Pearl John.

The eight lenticular images shown in the level 4 gallery space were exhibited at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition in July 2012 and have not been shown since. The data which inspired these animated art works was provided by scientists and astronomers working with lasers, magnetism, astronomy and particle physics at the University of Southampton. John explored different time intervals from “pico-second” laser pulses – produced in trillionths of a second – to black hole events occurring millions of years ago.

The exhibition runs from 26 August to 26 September 2014. Private View on Monday 8 September, 17.00 – 19.00.

The Virtual Artist exhibit contains a selection of the artist’s own art collection of holograms dating back to the 1990s – a retrospective exhibition which also includes current work. The Virtual Artist includes the artist’s own ‘Special Collection’ of objects and holographic artworks which have been gathered to form an archive of a family history. Some elements of the exhibit are autobiographical, while other elements are fictitious.


 Lenticular images on Level 4



And holograms with objects in the Special Collections Gallery

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