Seven Billionth Citizen

An exhibition created by second-year Fine Art students at Winchester School of Art.

As we come to terms with the birth of the seven billionth person, we 77 have come together to explore our relationship with the other 6,999,999,923, and the earth we inhabit.

The exhibition was a response to the announcement by the United Nations of the birth of the seven billionth citizen, and its format foreshadowed that of the curated, collective video project by Dr John Gillett and Dr Beth Harland currently being developed in partnership with the ESRC Centre for Population Change.

It addresses the Sublime, the aesthetic quality of awe-inducing magnitude. Each participating student  contributed their own version of the well-known formula of the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich: the lone figure gazing into a supremely bleak wilderness. Through multiple repetitions of the formula, the exhibition attempts to convey the idea of the solitude of the individual on an overcrowded planet.

As preparation for the project, the students were briefed by Dr Amos Channon, Dr Felix Eigenbrod, Professor Pauline Leonard, Professor Gail Taylor, and Professor Guy Poppy, on some of the pressing issues surrounding population growth, environment, and global resources.

The exhibition ran until 27 April 2012.

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