In Search of the Basque Children: From Bilbao to Southampton

Artist Claire Hignett uses the properties of domestic textiles to explore memory and the items we keep as souvenirs of our lives. She is interested in the tension between transience and permanence, security and insecurity, protection and abandonment.

Claire discovered that in 1937 a group of Basque children came to Salford as evacuees from the Spanish Civil War. To ensure these children will be remembered for a little while longer, Claire has used her sense of play to create dolls to represent them, bags to protect them, and a game to tell their story.

The exhibitionwas part of a wider event that took place on June 28 2018, “The Basque Child Refugees from the Spanish Civil War – history and memory”.

The exhibition ran from 19 June until 1 July 2018.

University of Southampton Hartley Library

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