Print and Process

This exhibition identified a range of print processes. It ran across the Level 4 Gallery and the Special Collections Gallery, and included prints from the Library’s Special Collections, from the University Art Collection and from Fine Art students at the Winchester School of Art.

The date range of the works shown was from 1530 to 2018, and one thing that stood out by seeing these works in such close proximity to each other was that traditional printmaking techniques, such as woodcut, etching, mezzotint and lithograph, have for the most part remained unchanged over the years.

Today, in what is termed the post-digital milieu, we are entirely fascinated by the physicality of print, both new and old. You will have heard the rumour that print is dead, but this exhibition showed it in rude health.

The exhibition ran from 1 March until 8 June 2018.

University of Southampton Hartley Library

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